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Vena Verga-Danemar

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2:40 Automation. It is my next tip to make sure that you are not overwhelming yourself when it comes to running your business.

3:05 Take a good look at your daily business tasks. What's eating up your time? Are there things you find yourself doing repeatedly? Those are the golden nuggets for automation.

3:50 Once you've got your list of "repetitive villains, you'll need some tools to help you out.

5:20 You might be tempted to automate your entire business right away but hold on! Start small. Pick one task from your list, like sending out thank-you emails to new customers.

5:40 Set up the automation for that task and give it a test run. It's like a little training wheels session for automation.  See if you are able to control that moving piece and if it fits your business.

6:00 We're getting into the fun part – creating workflows. These are like your magical spells that guide your automation. Once you know that your little automations are working out, it’s time to zap them together.

6:39 When I was starting out, I really cannot be bothered with a lot of tech. So Kartra served my purposes well.  When one registers for a webinar for example, my Kartra sequences will be sent

7:00 But if you are using different platform providers, you need another software to make them talk to each other.  This is where software like Zapier can be handy.

7:50 Keep an eye on the data. Tweak things if needed. Think of yourself as the automation director, making sure everything's going according to the script.

8:10 Stay human.

9:07 Start small and level up gradually. If tech is your waterloo, go slow.  Automation should help you, and not be the source of your stress.

9:18 Your automations will be useless if you do not know a thing about privacy rules and website legal compliance.

9:38 If you havn’t attended my training, its time to head on to, register to the website legal compliance with ease and learn the three steps you need to accomplish to secure protection and success.


Discover the power of business automation these tips: identify tasks to automate, choose tools like Kartra and Zapier, start with small tasks, build effective workflows, and ensure legal compliance. Start small, stay in control, and level up gradually for stress-free success.


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