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2:04 Did you ever wonder why some business owners seem to be on top of things. All the time? It seems like they figured everything out.  

2:54 What if I tell you that the first thing they are doing is not a surprise at all.  It’s so simple, you might actually be doing it in some aspect of your life! And that is, planning ahead.

4:24 I used the same planning strategy when I opened my service-based business.

4:30 For us service-based business owners, its so easy to just go with the flow and lose track of time.

4:45 Unfortunately, just going with the flow and not setting targets is also one of the reasons why a lot of service-based businesses have difficulty scaling.

5:00 So key to your planning strategy is having a goal.  What is your goal for the year. What is your goal for the quarter? Is it going to be more sales, by how much? More leads? By How many?

5:12 With the goal in mind, you can start planning what activities do you need to accomplish in order to reach that goal. 

5:30 Once you know these key activities that you need to fulfil to reach the goal, you start to set your target months when you want to execute these plans.

5:54 Next step, list down each task that needs to be accomplished before that event and work your way, plotting the dates when you need to start each task. 6:15 Let’s say you want to release your brand new podcast in November 1.  Two weeks before November 1, you should already start having your first episodes edited. Which means a week before that, you should already start recording your episodes, another week before recording, you should already have the episode topics ready.

6:48 Other things you need to include in your calendar are things like when you need to have your visuals done, when do you start teasing your audience about your podcast, will you be running some sort of a giveaway or campaign then?

7:09 By writing and earmarking the dates you want to start and end each task, you are making a declaration and a promise to yourself that you will get things done.

7:37 If you do things on the fly, you will be missing a lot of stuff and you will only overwhelm yourself.

7:46 Also, one important thing to remember is to target quality over quantity. 


8:00 You may have tons of goals in mind. But remember that each goal, each project you create requires not just planning but also time for execution. I would suggest that put one major goal per quarter.  I think having monthly goals can be super exhausting for you.  You need to have a breather in between.

8:52 Now here is my challenge. Set a goal for the last quarter of 2023.  Write down what task or tasks you need to accomplish in order to reach that goal. 

9:19 Once you know the tasks, open your calendar and start plotting your target dates for starting and completing each tasks. Work your way back and claim your calendar.

9:30 Now is the perfect time to start planning for whatever activity or program you want to execute by December 2023.

9:39 If you start today, you will lessen the stress and even the overwhelm that comes with planning and executing major activities in your business.

9:53 Whatever be that big goal you have in mind, whether to increase your income, set up campaign to get more leads, or execute a signature program, you need to have the proper legal policies to protect not just your website, but also your other business assets, like your social media accounts. 10:09 If you haven’t attended my training, it’s time to head on to, register to the website legal compliance with ease and learn the three steps you need to accomplish to secure protection and success.



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Ever wondered how successful business owners stay ahead of the game? Discover their secret: strategic planning. In this insightful video, uncover the essential planning technique that propels businesses to new heights.

Don't let overwhelm hold you back. Discover the art of prioritizing quality over quantity and why focusing on one major goal per quarter is a game-changer. Start today and lessen stress while achieving remarkable results by December 2023.


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