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In the last three episodes, we talked about every marketing. If you missed these episodes, you can go back and listen to them before this episode so you can have a more holistic view.

You cannot market effectively if your business legal foundations are lacking.  So in this episode, we will focus on exactly the topic of legalities.Let’s start with the most obvious, your website. Your website is an essential part of your marketing strategy because it is through your website that you can actually convert strangers into qualified leads – leads that you can nurture to becoming your client.

Since your website is the centrepiece of your marketing strategy, you need to make sure that it is legally compliant.

One part of having a legally compliant website is by having the proper policies such as privacy policies, impressum or company information, terms etcWhy are these important anyway?  The obvious reason is that there are laws and regulations that require you to have some of these policies on your website.  And there is another reason.

These policies are not just there because you need to comply with some laws or regulations, but rather because your prospects expect transparency – that they will be able to see your terms, your rules and other information they need to make an informed decision whether to hire you or not. As business owners, transparency is essential.  It builds trust.

You also need to have proper disclosures and disclaimers. Rules on disclosures are getting to be tighter and tighter.  Previously, you will rarely find news about entrepreneurs fined for not having the proper disclosures outside of the The United States.  But now, you will see countries enforcing tighter rules when it comes to disclosures.  


Another business legality that you need to focus on when marketing is intellectual property rights – this is your copyright laws and trademarks.


Another powerful marketing tool are testimonials. Testimonials or social proof can convince a prospect to buy your services, so it is not surprising that there are legalities involved here.  You need to make sure that people who gave you testimonials signed what we called a testimonial release before you post the testimonial.

If you are live streaming and there are other people whose faces or names can be seen in the stream or video, then you need to get a release from these people as well.

There is a web business legalities involved when you are marketing. And it is necessary for you to stay informed because you cannot simply ignore these legalities.  There is simply a lot of risks involved and it can cost you a lot of money or you might waste your marketing efforts if you do not give these legalities your attention.

You can learn more about them by watching the free training I created for you.  Watch the website legal policies with ease: the three steps you need to accomplish to secure your protection and success. You can visit for more details. 


It is important to understand Marketing Laws and Regulations, especially for Small Business Owners. This is the only way you can protect your marketing efforts.

If you missed our previous marketing episodes, you can catch up before diving into the crucial topic of legalities in marketing. Your website plays a pivotal role in converting strangers into clients, but to do so effectively, you must ensure it's legally compliant.

Learn about the importance of privacy policies, impressum, terms, and more. These policies aren't just to meet legal requirements, they build transparency and trust with your prospects. Discover the growing significance of proper disclosures and disclaimers, as tighter rules are enforced worldwide.

Don't overlook intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademarks, which can make or break your marketing efforts. Testimonials and social proof are potent tools, but legalities come into play here too – ensure you have testimonial releases from contributors.

Stay informed and safeguard your business by understanding these essential marketing laws. Ignoring legalities can lead to costly consequences and wasted efforts. Watch our free training on website legal policies at to secure your protection and marketing success today.


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