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0:06  You see, it is difficult to market your services if you are just marketing on the go, without a clear plan and a clear system to follow.


1:25 I distinctly remember the first year I run my business, I attended a marketing webinar where they talk about marketing systems and marketing strategies and I tell you, I didn't understand a thing.

1:50 I knew I needed to market and in my head, marketing would just be posting ads, or some post in facebook groups.


1:56 I had a system, well, if you can actually call it a system, which consists of two parts – attract and then sell.

2:09 For sometime, this actually worked. But the thing is, I found myself always looking for clients instead of clients looking for me.

2:32 For me, I felt that I was really in a bad place – because my energy is consumed with trying to find the next client. It can affect your disposition and to be honest, can be time consuming as well. Instead of concentrating on delivering my service, I am forced to spend majority of my time marketing instead.

3:25 I did experimentation and looked at industry leaders. You see, in business, this is really how we learn. No one text book will teach us everything. It is true actual testing and experience that we learn what works and what not. Now, as you know, I created this podcast so you don't have t do a lot of the experimentation – I did it for you. But of course, there are still things you need to figure out yourself.

3:57 I discovered all successful entrepreneurs, even those who say they don't do it, actually use email marketing or other means to nurture their leads.

4:12 People whom you will attract will not buy from you the first time they interact with you. This is the truth. Most people need some time to get to know you more, to like and trust you.

4:31 The attract -sell system may work for some, but it will not work most of the time.  Hence, if you are depending on this system, you are actually wasting 95% of your leads which you can actually convert if you tweak your marketing strategy.


4:50 In this episode, we're going to introduce you to the FACES system—a transformative approach that stands for Foundation, Attract, Convert, Email nurturing, Sell, and Scale. Each phase plays a pivotal role in creating a sustainable marketing strategy tailored to your lifestyle.


4:58 Let's start with the Foundation phase. Building your business's legalities and ensuring compliance is essential. With a solid foundation, you can confidently move forward without worrying about legal issues holding you back.


5:11 Next up is the Attract phase. This is where you'll leverage various marketing platforms, such as algorithm-based strategies, evergreen content, and targeted paid ads. We'll explore these methods more in detail in the next episode.


5:54 Once you attracted your prospects, its time to convert them into qualified leads.  Invite them to your email list. Once they are in your email list, you start with


6:04 E, email nurturing.  In this phase, those who did not buy from you gets to be part of your nurturing system.  The goal here is for your prospects to develop the trust factor, to understand their problem and the fact that you will be the one to solve that problem.6:31 It is only after nurturing your leads that you should proceed to s which is the sales.

7:04 Can you interchange the phases?

8:37 Relying solely on the "attract-then-sell" approach can be exhausting and ineffective. Instead, we want you to focus on attracting and converting. By showcasing your expertise and demonstrating how you can solve your ideal client's problems, you'll create a genuine connection that resonates.

9:49 Here is what I want you to do today.

9:54 Look at how you market your services.  Are you using only the attract-sell method?  Are you just Dming people about your services all the time. Or are you just posting about your services all the time hoping and praying that someone will notice you and buy.10:15 If this is your current marketing system, then, we need to change it into something that is more sustainable for you. And that is by adding a conversion and email nurturing phase in your marketing system.


11:03 if don’t have any idea how you can make sure that your website is legally compliant, then watch this new training that I prepared for you entitled website compliance with ease – the three steps you need to accomplish to secure protection and success. Go to and watch now.  This 45 minute training can save your hours after hours of blind searching for your business legality woes.


Discover effective marketing strategies tailored for coaches and service-based businesses in this episode. Learn how to implement the FACES system, covering Foundation, Attraction, Convertion, Email nurturing, Sell, and Scale. Elevate your marketing game and achieve sustainable growth. Tune in now for expert insights on marketing strategy for coaches.

If marketing is problematic for you, listen to this episode.

One requirement for you to be able to implement this marketing strategy as a coach is having a legally compliant website. This means having the proper legal templates in place on your website. Watch the free training on website legal compliance at


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