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0:00 Is your website optimized to acquire leads for your business? Let’s look at the anatomy of a high converting website in this two part episode.

1:37 You might be stuck in the social media hamster wheel, tirelessly producing content to gain a substantial following.

2:02 Social Media gurus say that having tons of followers can be a proof of authority. But I don’t subscribe to it.  Although, I do believe that one needs to have a social media presence.  It is important for business owners in the digital age to have solid social media marketing strategy.

2:47 When I started our first social media account for our product-based business six years ago, I was lost in the world of Instagram. But overtime, I was able to increase my follower county, but it didn’t covert for my business.

4:25 Social Media is free in terms of money but it makes you pay in terms of another currency, your time.

5:25 I understand your situation. You may be tempted to buy social media followers. It's easy to do so, especially when you receive unsolicited messages offering followers. However, while buying followers might provide a momentary boost in morale, it raises an important question: Should you actually do it?

5:50 Buying followers distorts the authenticity of your following. Trust is crucial when it comes to your business, and a substantial number of fake followers erodes that trust. We need a mindset shift regarding social media.

6:36 Social media gurus use secret social media engagement pods, follow loops and some also resort to buying followers.

6:59 It is possible to increase followers without doing all these tricks and not spending too much time on social media but it takes time.

7:53 There should be a mindset shift amongst business owners. Social media should be viewed as just one tool among many for your business. It's not the be-all and end-all of your existence. Spending excessive time on social media, constantly churning out content and engaging, is neither sustainable nor guaranteed to bring in clients.

8:47 Instead, use social media to introduce yourself and your business. Help people understand their own problems and demonstrate how you can assist them. Think of it as your virtual business card and portfolio, enticing people to enter your world. Building a strong relationship with your followers increases the chances of them becoming paying customers or referring others who might be interested.

9:03 Rather than focusing on a large following, aim for engaged followers who miss your posts during a break or warmly welcome you back after a period of inactivity. These are the types of followers you need for your business. While not everyone will actively engage with you or send direct messages, genuine followers tend to remain loyal, even during long hibernations.

9:55 Buying followers cannot build this kind of loyal community. Remember, it's quality over quantity. Growing your social media presence slowly but surely is not a problem.


10:00 Here are some best practices for building an engaged social media audience:

10:20 Optimize your bio to clearly define who is and isn't part of your community.

10:30 Post content that educates or entertains your audience. Focus on them rather than yourself. Always ask yourself if your followers will gain something from your posts. Utilize different types of posts for different purposes, such as stories, reels, and feed posts.

10:56 Engage with your current followers before and after posting, prioritizing those who actively engage back. This way, you don't waste your time. Engaging during specific periods is crucial to ensure your social media platform pushes your content to new audiences. If people engage back, it signals to the platform that your post is valuable.

11:42 Once a week, explore new accounts that align with your community and engage with them by liking and commenting. If you genuinely appreciate their content, follow them. Even if these new accounts don't follow you back, they might still engage with your profile occasionally.

12:10 Repeat these practices consistently, always prioritizing quality over quantity. Remember, success takes time. Be prepared for the long game.

12:25 Before we wrap up, remember that gaining social media followers isn't the sole purpose of your business. You need to convert your following into clients. One effective way to do this is by enticing them to join your email list for nurturing purposes.

12:40 However, you can't achieve this without a compliant website. If you're unsure about the necessary steps to make your website compliant, head to for a free training on three simple steps to stay protected, compliant, and ensure data protection. Take advantage of this opportunity by registering on the website.


Discover effective strategies to increase your social media followers and develop a solid social media marketing strategy. As coaches and consultants, you understand the importance of building a genuine online presence. But is buying social media followers legal? Find out the answer and learn valuable insights in this business legalities podcast.


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