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1:25 Last week, I discussed the one thing you need to do to ensure your website is ready to acquire leads: place an opt-in section at the topmost portion of your website, before the fold. Don't waste this valuable space. By capturing their email before they leave, you can start building a relationship.


1:55 Now that you have an opt-in page, the next step is to make sure your website clearly communicates who you are, and what you offer. Many websites fail in this regard. Visitors should easily understand your role and the services you provide. Confusion can lead to missed opportunities.


3:07 Your website visitor needs to know if you can provide solutions to their problems.


3:27 Avoid talking too much about yourself.


3:53 To avoid this, focus on your ideal client. Highlight their pains, aspirations, and how you can help them. Rather than making it all about yourself, address their needs and position yourself as a guide and mentor. Remember, they're not looking for a savior but someone who can support and guide them on their journey.


4:14 Define the main pain point or aspiration your client wants to address or achieve. Keep your description concise and attention-grabbing. Make them think, "Yes, that is my problem," or "Yes, I want that." This will lead them to the next section of your website.


5:05 Clearly outline how you can help them. List your top 2 or 3 offers that directly address their problems. This section should make them say, "Yes, this is what I need."


5:53 To establish credibility, position yourself as someone who can help them avoid pain or achieve their aspirations. Alongside sharing information about yourself, include testimonials or social proof. If you don't have testimonials yet, don't worry, but make sure to add them later.


6:25 Next, provide simple steps for them to work with you. People appreciate a clear path to follow. For example, "Enter your email, book a clarity call, and achieve your goals!" Keep it straightforward and actionable.


6:49 Lastly, understand that people may not buy from you the first time they visit your website. Provide opportunities for them to get to know you better. Do you have a blog, podcast, or Instagram? Direct them to these platforms. Consider adding another opt-in form to capture their email once more, reminding them of the freebie you're offering.

7:42 Remember, your website should collect personal information, which is why you can't omit your website's legal policies. To simplify this aspect, I've created a free training for you. It covers three simple steps to stay protected, compliant, and ensure data protection. Visit to register for the training.


Is your website optimized to acquire leads for your coaching, consulting, or service-based business? Learn the anatomy of a high converting website in this two-part episode. Discover the secrets to attracting and converting prospects, leveraging legal templates and digital courses.


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