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Are you exposing yourself to Risks because of your website Privacy Policy Declaration Template?

In the past years, we saw a move towards protecting data.  If you concerned about how businesses use your private data?  If you are freaked out by the fact that the moment you enter something in your browser, you suddenly get targeted ads on your personal social media accounts relating to the thing you were searching for?


You are not alone.

These concerns led several countries to enact different laws that would protect data.  And these laws affect us business owners – whether you are a big business owner or a one-woman show.

The first thing you need to do if you have a website? You need a proper Privacy Policy Declaration.  Period (yes, you do, no exemptions!).  But not just any privacy policy declaration template, it should be YOUR Privacy Policy Declaration.

Now, you probably got one from Legal Zoom or some website generator.

Question is: Were you able to comply with laws and regulations by having a website-generated/copied Privacy Policy Declaration Template?

A resounding NO!

The first reaction I often get is, “But I don’t collect data, I don’t need this declaration”.  

My friend, you do.  When someone visits your website, data is already being collected without your knowledge, and your cookies are already doing what they are trained to do – track people.  

When someone uses your checkout page, you require tons of personal data.  When you interact with your coachee, you require personal data as well.

So you do collect data, whether intentionally or unintentionally.  And because you do, you must have the proper Privacy Policy Declaration, your own Privacy Policy declaration.

The second question is when drafting your Privacy Policy declaration, which law should you conform to?

One basic mistake I see in DIYd Privacy Policy Declarations is that it does not comply with the law where your visitors are accessing your website.  For example, Swiss companies with audiences in the UK or US forget that they must comply with UK and US privacy laws.

You see, your obligation is not confined to where your business is located!  You need to consider every Data Protection Law applicable to where your website visitors and data subjects are located.  And that can be confusing!

And third, there is a reason why we call it a Privacy Policy Declaration – because it is your declaration! 

And what exactly are you declaring?  You need to declare and be transparent about how you collect, what you collect, why you collect, and how you protect the data you collect.  This is YOUR declaration.  It should reflect exactly what your business is doing.  This is not your friend’s or another business’s declaration but yours.  So if you copied your Privacy Policy Declaration, I am 100% sure your declaration is insufficient. 

If you don’t know what you are declaring, you are probably not doing this: Protecting your clients’ and prospects’ data. Which is the essence of the laws and regulations.

How then can you create a sufficient Privacy Policy Declaration?  The only way is by properly introspecting your business and your processes.  There are no shortcuts.  Even if you ask me or someone else to draft your Privacy Policy Declaration, I will still require you to look into your business.

It’s time to finally remove that nagging feeling that your website exposes you to many risks.  Let’s resolve that, shall we? 


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