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1:20  When you started your business, you probably opened either an Instagram, Facebook or TikTok Account simply because everyone seems to be there.

1:44 I didn’t have any idea how Instagram works back then and so, I just posted everyday as what most gurus would advice.  And try to engage, hoping to attract more people and make them follow me back.

1:57 But instead, I only attracted people who uses the follow-unfollow scheme which to me is the most distrustful thing any person can do. 

3:01 So back to IG and other algorithm-based platforms. So what frustrates me the most about these platforms is the fact that Each content in Instagram, in Facebook seems to have a time limit.  After some time, if no one is engaging with your post then the platform stops pushing it.

4:02 And so, you being discovered through your IG, FB or TikTok account is pretty much at the mercy of the algorithm.  The window within which you can be discovered is very limited.

4:29 I told myself, pretty sure, there is a better way to make use of my time when it comes to marketing. This is when I discovered evergreen content which I loosely describe as content that do not expire.  

4:50 Most of these evergreen content platforms are searchable and so your post doesn’t really have, so to speak, an expiration.

5:00 If you want to start an evergreen content, what types of content can you create?  Theres blogs, there podcasts and there are videos. I will also add Pinterest.

5:30 The main thing that you need to understand about evergreen content is that the topics are typically timeless or enduring vis-à-vis topics that are just trending which we usually see in IG.

6:37 If you are starting, you don’t have to do all of these, just concentrate on one evergreen content platform.

6:47 The next question is, how do you choose which evergreen platform to concentrate on?  I always advice to choose one that you love doing and you love consuming.  Don’t start a YouTube channel just because everyone is doing it, especially if you hate being on camera.

7:28 Or you can shoot two birds with one stone.  Do a podcast, capture the script and transform it into a blog article. You see, there are tons of ways of doing evergreen platform without spending so much time.

7:40 Look at your own habits.  How do you consume information? But of course, we need to qualify this with what exactly you are comfortable doing. You might like watching youtube videos but if you have a huge camera fright, then videos will not work for you.

8:29 If you are just starting, my tip is to choose one evegreen platform and choose one that is algorithm based. 

8:36 Why so? Because evergreen platform takes time to grow.  And in the meantime, there may be people who are already looking for you right now.  Hence, it is a good strategy to use an algorithm-based platform like Instagram or Facebook as well.

9:02 Also, when you have an evergreen content, you can share it either through your IG or Facebook accounts, let your prospects and leads subscribe by opting into your email list. 

9:39 In last week’s episode, I talked about the marketing system you need to have on your business. An evergreen content can fall under the attract and nurture phases. So it is great to have them in your business. If you don’t have an idea about marketing systems, go back to episode 53 where I discussed the only marketing system that you actually need on your business. 

10:06 If you are interested in starting your own evergreen content, I suggest doing the following:

10:11 First, decide on the type evergreen content that you want to produce.  What do you like to do most and how do you consume information.

10:17 Next, do a bit of market research.  Find which topics or issues that your prospects and clients are facing.  What are the issues you can help them with.

10:30 Third, Batch produce your content.  It is the best way to save time and lessen the stress.

10:42 Lastly, just start.  Don’t let things like lack of equipment deter you.  It is through starting that you learn. 

11:08 Now, don’t forget the goal why you are doing all these marketing stuff, whether it be through algorithm based platforms or evergreen content. It’s to acquire more leads which you can convert into paying clients.  That is the main goal my friend. 11:25 Unfortunately, you cannot properly convert and legally collect leads if your website is not legally compliant.  Do you want to know how you can have a legally compliant website in just three simple steps?

11:35 Watch the training at, I also placed the link in the notes. The training is free. So go ahead and watch.  The information and step by step guide you will get there will save you tons of time and money.



Unlock the potential of evergreen content as a transformative marketing strategy for coaches and service-based businesses in this eye-opening episode.

Explore how trending platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok might be limiting, and why evergreen content offers lasting visibility and searchability. Delve into versatile formats like blogs, podcasts, videos, and Pinterest posts, selecting one that resonates. .

Explore combining evergreen content with algorithm-based platforms for maximum impact. Discover the importance of a legally compliant website for proper lead collection and conversion. Elevate your marketing strategy with evergreen content and take your coaching business to new heights.


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