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1.17 Marketing is a crucial aspect of our businesses, but it often creates a love-hate relationship among entrepreneurs. Without marketing, our skills and talents won't impact our clients, and visibility is key to success.

2.09 Marketing is the bridge between us and our potential clients.

2.20 Many service-based business owners, including coaches and consultants, struggle with marketing and talking about themselves. However, marketing plays a vital role in establishing our brand story and setting us apart from competitors. It can make or break our business.

3.23 Just having a website is not enough for marketing purpose

4.03 Before leading anyone to your website, make sure it is converting.

4.33 Are you going to use influencer tactics or entrepreneur tactics

4.57 Some entrepreneurs may be tempted to follow influencer marketing strategies, focusing on accumulating followers on social media. While this approach works for influencers seeking brand deals, it may not be the best fit for service-based business owners.

6:09 For entrepreneurs, the goal is conversion, not just having a large following. Quality followers who can be converted into clients are more valuable than a massive but unengaged audience.

7:52 Growing a huge following like an influencer means that you are in social media most of the time. This is not feasible for entrepreneurs who still has to convert the following.

8:40 The goal is to attract quality followers, get them to opt-in and nurture before selling.

9:31 Trying to replicate social media gurus or influencers' tactics may not be effective for most entrepreneurs. Such tactics might work for those who want to grow their social media following but may not align with entrepreneurs' goals of attracting and converting clients.

10:00 Social Media gurus are selling solutions in the same platform where the prospect is looking for a solution.

11:29 It's crucial to understand that your target audience has different problems and needs from those seeking to grow their social media presence.

12:17 What to do then? First is to make a commitment to stop looking at influencers when it comes to planning your own marketing strategy.  Step 2 is to always keep in mind a simple path – attract through your social media accounts, lead them to your opt-in form, nurture and then sell. You cannot sell before people knows, like or trust you.

13:43 While growing your following might be slower as an entrepreneur, remember that conversion rates are more critical than follower count. The goal is to attract quality followers who are genuinely interested in your services.


Are you marketing yourself as an entrepreneur or as an influencer. What is the difference anyway?  This is part one of a three part episode where we will talk about everything marketing for coaches, consultants and service based business owners. Unlock the Power of Coaching Marketing Strategy! Elevate your marketing game with expert insights tailored for coaches and consultants. Discover effective marketing coaching services that set you apart in the competitive landscape. Learn how marketing for coaches can bridge the gap between you and your dream clients, establishing authority and boosting conversions. Ditch the influencer tactics and focus on attracting quality followers who convert faster. Embrace a simple path: attract through your social media accounts, lead to your website, nurture, and sell.


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